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Welcome to the site for "Adventures in Experience Design," a book that provides engaging design lessons with a playful twist! On this site you'll find additional activities, games, and challenges to encourage design thinking and extend user experience design skills.

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Hands down the most playful, jargon-free way to jump into the vibrant world of user experience design.
— Stephen P. Anderson, author of Seductive Interaction Design and Mental Notes
Useful, practical, accessible and fun!
— Dave Gray, author of Gamestorming
Whether you are a dabbler or diver, a student or a teacher, a learner earning a degree or a DIY-er, there are plenty of ideas to pursue and exercises to attempt.

I’m an educator, and when I read I cannot help but think of how to turn ideas into curriculum — which questions to pose, which activities to catalyze, which collaborations to encourage — and Carolyn and Anna have already done that. I feel as if I’m cheating on a test because the work has already been completed, and yet I’ll still earn credit for offering my students an inspiring, purpose-driven, and relevant course!
— Eric Davis, Founder/Director of the Global Citizenship Experience & GCE High School

From the Adventure Blog...

Adventure Blog
It's Hard to Work Human

We took Adventures in Experience Design to a local high school and held a 6-week course. Surprisingly, we found the hardest part for students wasn't generating new ideas, or choosing and forming the best ones. It was something that touched the core of their fears and insecurities.

The TooCooks Sample Challenge

We just shared a sample challenge that you can use to practice your experience design skills.

We're waiting with turkey-baited breath for the big date! December 6th is the launch date according to Peachpit but Amazon has us at December 16th. Either way, what could be a better gift than some learning-laden games for the holidays?

Carolyn sat down with Jim Jacoby and Jim Cohen last week, to talk about Adventures in Experience Design.

At the Toy and Game Fair

Anna and I went to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair this week. It's a much bigger event than I had realized! Anna is one of the organizers and she showed me around the large event space which hosts game vendors and designers, taking over the end of Navy Pier for four days of focus on fun.