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At the Toy and Game Fair

Anna and I went to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair this week. It's a much bigger event than I had realized! Anna is one of the organizers and she showed me around the large event space which hosts game vendors and designers, taking over the end of Navy Pier for four days of focus on fun.

On day 1, Anna and I ran one of the games from Adventures in UX Design. The players were people who have ideas for toys or games that they'd like to develop, and we chose a game from Splatter called Exquisite Corpse. This particular game helps a group of people sketch a large quantity of solution ideas in a short period of time, riffing off of each other. Sketches are posted up on the wall and players describe each idea and where it seemed to come from. This photo is from a team that chose to "make washing feet more fun for families."

Anna was also the organizer of playCHIC, a game-inspired fashion show, with some amazing designs inspired by Bananagrams, Settlers of Catan, and Leapfrog. More pics to come...