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Taking Our Own Medicine

Adventures has been out for a few weeks now, and we're putting the activities into action. A high school in Chicago called the Global Citizenship Experience (GCE) is creating an 8-week course of learning for their senior class based on the book - and it's fascinating to see how teachers are using the lessons!

This week, the class has to go out into the field and interview 10 different college students about their banking experience. The goal is to improve the process of opening and maintaining a bank account, for an audience that has little experience or credit history. Next week they'll present action projects, where they'll suggest solutions based on the issues they observe.

It's fascinating to see Adventures being used this way! It's what Anna and I intended, but to see it in the wild is truly a joy.

If you'd like to start a group to go through activities yourself, be sure to download our Guide for Groups which should assist you in running them. We'll be sure to post more as this class progresses through their own adventure!